Links for the various programme components of ViCEPHEC21 (16-20 August 2021) are included here (Timetable, Invited Speakers, Talks, Posters, Workshop, Public Lecture, RSC Satellite Meeting, IoP, Satellite Meeting, Padlets & YouTube)

All timetable information is on Indico (with the exception of the Poster Session Schedule).
Poster Session Schedule (Poster number & Allocation, either Monday or Tuesday) is found on this page. The posters are on GatherTown (available all week) and their pdfs are on the Indico site (available now).
Short Talk Schedule is found on this page AND on Indico.
Talk/Presentation Materials: pdfs of slides will be posted on Indico, and recordings will be posted on YouTube; both materials will be will be available after each day’s session.

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The timetable for ViCEPHEC21 is found via the link below (located on INDICO). This includes information for talks (who speaks when). For the poster sessions, please see the list below for allocations.

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Invited Speakers

Titles & Abstracts & Biographies of our Invited Speakers/Contributers (Keynote Speakers/Workshop/Public Outreach Talk/RSC & IOP Prizewinners Speakers). You will be able to ask questions immediately after each presentation and you may meet with the presenters, at the end of each day’s session, in dedicated Gathertown “meet the speaker” spaces. Asynchronous dialogue will be available via a dedicated Padlet.

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Invited “short” talks (10 minutes each) were selected from submissions of abstracts. Information, including presenters names, titles and abstracts of talks, are available through this link. You will be able pose questions to each presenter immediately after each talk (~5 minutes for Q&A).

In addition, each presenter will be available to chat with you in a dedicated Speakers Q&A “breakout” room, after all the talks have finished for the day. and you may meet with the presenters, at the end of each day’s session,

Asynchronous dialogue will be also be available via dedicated Padlets for each day. You can access these padlets from the Q&A room. .

Selection of Talks from Abstracts:
The selection of short talks was carried out by an independent committee of experts, blinded to the authorship and affiliation.

We are delighted to list our speakers selected for the short talks, below.

This information is also found on Indico (click on the Timetable link above). A quick-access pdf is included here.

Short Talks Timetable

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Invited poster presentations are selected from submissions of abstracts. Information, including the names of presenters, poster titles & abstracts, and the posters (pdfs) are available on Indico. You will be able to meet and chat with poster presenters during designated Poster Sessions on Gathertown. Asynchronous dialogue will be available via a dedicated Padlet.

Poster Session Allocations:
are shown below.

Poster presenters
are assigned to either a Monday or Tuesday session and are asked to be at their poster during their allocated session.

Both poster rooms will be open throughout the week so everyone can visit and view the exciting work that our delegates have shared.

If you are not able to be present, we have provided Poster Room Padlets for each session to facilitate asynchronous dialogue. Please visit the poster rooms to find and interact with these padlets.

In addition to viewing the posters in the GatherTown poster rooms, you can also view the poster pdfs on Indico.

Poster Prizes
Update: see Poster Prize Page for Winners and Special Mentions

Poster Prizes will be announced on Friday, at the end of the short talks. There are two awarding bodies:
The RSC Higher Education Group is sponsoring and will be awarding prize(s) for Chemistry and/or Chemistry-related posters.
The IOP Higher Education Group will be awarding the inaugural Lillian McDermot award for the best poster presentation in the field of Physics Education Research.

Poster Session Allocations (Monday & Tuesday)

Poster Session Allocations (Monday only)

Poster Session Allocations (Tuesday only)

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The workshop will be hosted our our VICEPHEC Gather.Town platform and all VICEPhEC delegates are welcome to attend this session on Wednesday morning (10:00-11:30ish) 18th August 2021. There is no need to signup for this event.

We will announce the venue (ie. which room on our Gather.Town to be used for this Workshop) closer to the date. (please look at the chat in GT) Because it is on GT, there will be tables and you may self-assemble without the need for Zoom Breakout rooms.

We are delighted to announce that Wendy Sadler, MBE, FinstP (founding Director of science made simple and a lecturer in Science Communication for the School of Physics & Astronomy, Cardiff University) will be supporting Jane Essex (see Invited Speakers page) in the delivery of this workshop.

You will be able to ask question both during and after the workshop.

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Public Lecture

Information (including Zoom link) for public lecture on Wednesday Evening. This session will be run entirely on Zoom and not on Gathertown. The public lecture is 19:00-20:00 (BST) followed by question time.

RSC Satellite Meeting

Information for Royal Society of Chemistry Higher Education Satellite meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

IoP Satellite Meeting

Information for the Institute of Physics Higher Education Satellite meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

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Links to Padlets to allow for asynchronous conversations are posted within Gather.Town VICEPHEC platform. The Poster Padlets are found within each poster room and the Presentations/Talks Padlets are found within the Q&A room.

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Presentations will be recorded and posted on YouTube in due course.

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